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Welcome To Our Paradise

The best place on earth is in N.E Ohio

The scenic Nelson Ledges Quarry Park is a great place to camp, swim, hike, sunbathe, attend music festivals, or just plain hang out. The park is a beautiful landscape made up of 250 acres of forest, meadows, streams, rock ledges, fishing lakes & of course the quarry itself. There are also more than 400 campsites, some deep in the woods, some along the Quarry, & others in secluded meadows. Nelson Ledges is therefore an ideal venue for weekend-long music festivals as well.

The park is a unique & special place that is cherished by many. Over the last 50 years, thousands have claimed that their greatest memories were made at the Quarry. Due to their interactions with friends & the landscape as a whole, the park leads to experiences that can be compared with no other. It's a place where friends come together, friends are made, people fall in love, & the best times are had.

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More Than Just a Park

Nelson Ledges Quarry park has something to offer for everyone in the family

The campground is 250 acres of forest, meadows, rock formations and water. There are two fishing lakes in addition to the swimming quarry. The fishing lakes are home to large bass, catfish, crappie and blue gill. You may also find many waterfowl and smaller animals like turtles, frogs, nonpoisonous snakes, and other small fresh water species.

Nelson ledges Quarry Park offers hiking, camping, fishing, swimming,scuba, snorkeling, and more!

Swimming & More at Our Quarry

A great place to swim or scuba

The Quarry is spring-fed, clean, clear, and warms up by mid May. We pride ourselves on our clean spring-fed water. It is officially tested twice each season and is rated one of the lowest bodies of water in Ohio as far as contaminants. We rarely need to treat the water

The average water depth is 30 ft. with many shelves, rock formations, fish and plant life. If chasing large-mouth bass, blue-gill, crappie and catfish sounds like fun, one can experience a wide variety of wildlife at NLQP


Camping at The Quarry

The forest itself consist of a variety of trees, wildflowers, mushrooms and other plant life.

There is also a variety of individual campsites that cater to personal preference. Whether it's on a ledge by the water or deep in the woods, you can camp near the social activity or settle in one of the quiet, isolated areas. We pride ourselves on being a primitive campground to avoid the trailer/RV look of our competitors. Campers and Winnebago's are more than welcome to visit for a few days, but long stays are not encouraged, and there are no water or electrical hookups for campers or RV's. Small, quiet generators are allowed, but the park otherwise accommodates primitive camping only..

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The Beach at NLQP


The Quarry has a large beach with a shallow, roped in area for children & more. The rest of the Quarry is up to 30 ft. deep in most places. We employ Red-Cross-certified lifeguards & have multiple guards on duty daily. The water is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM everyday throughout the regular season, weather permitting meaning if it's above 70 degrees and sunny. Because the water is spring fed, water clarity & visibility are excellent. Even for the average swimmer, a mask & snorkel can provide hours of underwater exploration.

Nelson Ledges Quarry Map

12001 Nelson Ledge Rd, Garrettsville, OH 44231

* * * NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES ARE PERMITTED * * * NO ONE UNDER 21 IS PERMITTED TO EITHER POSSESS OR CONSUME ALCOHOL. THE EXCESSIVE USE OF ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED. NO DOGS FROM MAY 30-OCT 1 (Service dogs only). All dogs must have proof of rabies vaccine to gain entry to the park.

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