• No camping on the lot is permitted.
  • No more than 2 vehicles are allowed.
  • Please do not impose upon other vendors' lots. ~Vendors must provide their own booth, tent or trailer for vending.
  • No loud music or parties are permitted on the lot.
  • No illegal substances or paraphernalia are to be sold.
  • If you have any other questions, please call us at 440-548-2716.


What would an event at Nelson Ledges be without a walk down Shakedown Street? Nelson Ledges is host to a wide assortment of vendors, some of which have been with us over 10 years and are simply part of the family.

* Fees secure a 10' x 20' lot to be used for vending only.


Merchandise vending is $50 a day, or $100 per festival when there’s two nights of music and $150 when there’s three. Our largest festivals, such as the 4th of July weekend, however, are typically $150 for two nights of music and $200 for three. These prices do NOT include wristbands, as wristbands must be purchased not only for every employee and other members of your party but for the head, or owner, of your organization as well.


Regular Events: $350 plus admission

4th of July Weekend: $350 plus admission

(We're sorry, food vending is booked for the remainder of the 2015 season)


There is no application process.


Because the entire park is first-come-first-serve, we strongly advise you to setup your operation well in advance of the festival at hand. The bigger the show, for example, the earlier you’ll want to setup your site. To claim a spot for one of our larger shows, you’ll want to setup at least three days beforehand. The smaller the show, however, the more likely you are to find plenty of room to setup just two days before.


We do NOT reserve either vendor sites or camp sites, so again, please be sure to setup days in advance. Upon arrival, you’ll pay for your wristbands at the gate. You can then choose a site that best suits your needs. You’ll then pay your vending fee to our vending manager, Joseph Pirtz, when he visits your site to collect these fees.


Please note that selling drug paraphernalia or glassware is strictly prohibited and that any violation of this rule will result in immediate ejection from the park.


Because primitive camping is prohibited by law at any site other than a designated camp site, we’re sorry to say that you cannot have tents or campfires either in or around your vending site. Because many vendors often have small campers, conversion vans, etc., however, if there’s room for such a vehicle on or near your site, you are permitted to eat, sleep and more in these types of vehicles only. If you don’t have an RV, camper or conversion van that will fit on or near your site, however, you will have to setup your living accommodations at a regular camp site in either the family-camping area or one of the wooded areas specifically designated for this purpose.