Family and Friends

RegaeFest 2013

Where best times are had. Great friends are made. Old friends come together. And people fall in love.

Cliff JumperAnd why does this happen here? Because, hands down, this is one of the greatest places on Earth!... 

Tranquility and Relaxation

The scenic Nelson Ledges Quarry Park is a great place to camp, swim, hike, sunbathe, attend music festivals, or just plain hang out. The park is a beautiful landscape made up of 250 acres of forest, meadows, streams, rock ledges, fishing lakes & of course the quarry itself. There are also more than 400 campsites, some deep in the woods, some along the Quarry, & others in secluded meadows. Nelson Ledges is therefore an ideal venue for weekend-long music festivals as well. 

Often imitated never duplicated

The park is a unique & special place that is cherished by many. Over the last 50 years, thousands have claimed that their greatest memories were made at the Quarry. Due to their interactions with friends & the landscape as a whole, the park leads to experiences that can be compared with no other.

It's a place where friends come together, friends are made, people fall in love, & the best times are had.

Mom and Kid