Do you have a lost and found? I lost my phone/Identification/wallet ect.
Yes we do. It's at the front gate. You will need to prove the object is yours. Call (440) 548-2716

Can I have a campfire at my site?
Yes, a fire ring should be provided at each campsite and the fire must be limited in size to the confines of that ring.

Can I bring my own firewood and/or ice?

Are there showers?
Yes, There are two public showers up by the main gate.

Is there a water refilling station?
Yes, It's located near the showers at the front gate

Do I get to choose my campsite?
Yes, but it's first come first serve, so you may want to arrive early to pick your spot.

Do you have a compressor for me to fill up my raft? I'm getting lightheadded!
Yes, it's Its at the green quonset hut by the front gate. Walk slowly...and don't pass out.

How many tents can we have per campsite?
You're allowed 3 tents, which must be 5 feet apart and 10 feet away from the fire.

Can we park our cars next to our campsite & if so, how many?
Yes, you can have at least 2 cars at the typical site, depending on how much room there is available. Please do not encroach upon either the roadway or other people's sites.

Can I sleep in my car?
Anyone camping must bring or have access to proper camping gear, including a tent, an RV, a camper, or a van. Sleeping in actual cars is not allowed.

Is there a separate area for RV's and/or electricity?

Is there a separate charge for Campers ad RV's
In addition to paying regular admission, please note that all parties bringing a camper or RV to a festival must purchase one of the following:
1. All-Weekend Pop-Up Pass: $25
2. All-Weekend Camper Pass: $45
3. All-Weekend RV Pass: $75
Please also note that parking is often limited at our larger shows especially, so if you are bringing a camper or RV you will want to arrive early in order to find a site that accommodates your needs."

How much are day passes when there's a festival & when there's not? 

    • Non-festival Weekdays (Mon - Thurs) : $4 for ages 4-14, $8 for 15 & up
    • Non-festival Weekends: $5 for ages 4-14, $10 for 15 & up
    • Ages 0-3 are always FREE!
    • Please visit our events page to see if day passes will be sold during the festival in question & to determine their price.

How much is camping when there's a festival & when there's not?

    • Ages 15 & up are $15 per night
    • Ages 4 to 14 are $10 on weekends
    • Ages 0-3 are always FREE!
    • Because festival prices always include camping, please visit our events page to determine price.

Do you offer day passes for swimming, hiking, etc. during festivals?
We only offer day passes during the smallest festivals, of which there are merely a few per year. Day passes are typically limited to both weekdays & weekends when there are no festivals.

Do you offer one day tickets during festivals?
Only on the second-to-last day of the festival, good for one night of camping.

Do you allow minors in the park?
No one under 18 is allowed in the park unless accompanied by their legal guardian.

Do you allow dogs in the park?
We only allow service dogs for physical & mental disabilities.
Proper certification must be presented upon arrival at the gate. False certification will NOT be accepted.

Can I leave the park and come back?
Yes, unless were sold out.

  • NO RE-ENTRY FROM 2 AM - 8 AM ON REGULAR CAMPING NIGHTS. Because the gate is closed from 2 AM to 8 AM on regular camping (or non-festival) nights, there is no re-entry permitted during these hours.
  • NO RE-ENTRY DURING LARGE FESTIVALS. Because the park is at maximum capacity during our biggest festivals, if you don't sign out there is no re-entry until Sunday morning. If you have an emergency, need to work, stay at a hotel, or the like, you must always sign out at the gate in order to get back in.

Are lifeguards on duty every day?
Yes, 10 AM to 7 PM everyday of the regular season, weather permitting.

Is there an ATM at Nelson Ledges?
YES! There is one in the game room shack.


What should I do in case of emergency?
Contact one of the the safety stations that are posted throughout the park during festivals, go to the front gate, or call the gate at 440-548-2716.


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