• Non-festival Weekdays:
    • $4 for ages 4-14
    • $8 for 15 & up
  • Non-festival Weekends:
    • $5 for ages 4-14
    • $10 for 15 & up

Ages 0-3 are always FREE!


  • Ages 15 & up are $15 per night
  • Ages 4 to 14 are $10 for the entire weekend

Ages 0-3 are always FREE!

Camping fees cover the day of arrival, that night, & the following day until 7:00 PM. We are open year round for both camping & hiking.

*Park rates typically vary during festivals. Please check our events page for festival details.



Main Trail



The Quarry has a large beach with a shallow, roped in area for children & more. The rest of the Quarry is up to 30 ft. deep in most places. We employ Red-Cross-certified lifeguards & have multiple guards on duty daily. The water is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM everyday throughout the regular season, weather permitting meaning if it's above 70 degrees and sunny. Because the water is spring fed, water clarity & visibility are excellent. Even for the average swimmer, a mask & snorkel can provide hours of underwater exploration. If scuba diving is your fancy, also check our scuba page.


The campground is 250 acres of forest, meadows, rock formations and water. There are two fishing lakes in addition to the swimming quarry. The fishing lakes are home to large bass, catfish, crappie and blue gill. You may also find many waterfowl and smaller animals like turtles, frogs, nonpoisonous snakes, and other small fresh water species.

The Quarry is spring-fed, clean, clear, and warms up by mid May. The forest itself consist of a variety of trees, wildflowers, mushrooms and other plant life. Many small animals, such as squirrels, opossums, raccoons, wild turkeys, pheasants, woodpeckers and song birds, consider the park their home.

There is also a variety of individual campsites that cater to personal preference. Whether it's on a ledge by the water or deep in the woods, you can camp near the social activity or settle in one of the quiet, isolated areas. We pride ourselves on being a primitive campground to avoid the trailer/RV look of our competitors. Campers and Winnebago's are more than welcome to visit for a few days, but long stays are not encouraged, and there are no water or electrical hookups for campers or RV's. Small, quiet generators are allowed, but the park otherwise accommodates primitive camping only.

Weekend and holiday camping tends to be more busy, but weekday camping often allows the pleasure of having the entire park to yourself.

Nelson Ledges includes:

  • Picnic areas
  • Picnic tables
  • A large playground area
  • Our stage doubles as a pavilion for all occasions
  • Five privy-style rest rooms (4 handicapped accessible)
  • Full basketball court with adjustable hoops for kids
  • 250 acres for hiking, biking, exploring and Nature
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Beach
  • Showers
  • Game room and so much more...


Hiking gives campers an opportunity to utilize the many paths and trails throughout the park, and many cannot visit our park without stopping next door at the Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park to explore their caves, caverns and other rock formations. 

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